Who can resist free??

You know I can’t. It’s National Pretzel Day so here are a few places passing out freebies! i’m not sure who invented this day and why but we all can benefit from a free pretzel, am I right? My littles & I are going to go hit up our local Wetzel pretzel. http://www.cnbc.com/2016/04/25/heres-where-to-get-free-pretzels-on-national-pretzel-day.html

Parenting is hard, right? These two celebrate it!

Parenting is hard, can I get an amen?! But these two celebrate it with this funny and relateable music video! I don’t care how bad the rapping is, it brings a smile to my face. Just like the swagger wagon video. #hatersgonnahate #parentpride

Bogo at Chipotle tomorrow

  In an effort to support soccer’s next generation, we’re inviting all youth soccer players to wear their team uniform to any Chipotle on Saturday, April 16th for a BUY-ONE/GET-ONE BURRITOS, BOWLS, SALADS, ORDER OF TACOS, OR KID’S MEAL. 

Eligible players must be 14 or younger. Player must be in soccer team uniform to redeem offer.


Time to Shout

Ok, it’s time to raise our voices and fight for our kids in prayer and declare truth over their lives. I heard Lisa Bevere pray this prayer that she would pray over her 4 sons and decided that I need to add this to my parenting routine. Words have power to bring life or death and it doesn’t matter what you believe about God, we can see that all around us. We can hurt someone and speak hurts that can last a lifetime. I the same token we can speak love and blessing into others too (especially our own precious kids). I think as parents we all have the heart to have our kids dancing on the ceilings of our lives and see them surpass the accomplishments of our lives. I felt energized to shout these and other words over my boys. I hope this encourages you to do the same.

lisa's prayer chalk board

Feel free to save this image, print it or whatever! @LisaBevere Let me know if I got this right.

UPDATE: I have since written a daily declaration that my kids say every day. ❤️

love, swift mamas


So everybody loves Adele’s song “Hello,” and there’s a few mom parodies out there. Here’s two of my favorites! One of them actually sounds great but the other one really hits home 🙂

And in case you are so much enveloped in the mother side and you don’t know what I’m talking about here’s Adele’s version .

I’m sure homegirl approves the other versions too!

Red Ribbon Week is Here!

downloadParent’s of elementary school aged kids you know what this means… your kids are going to drive you nuts about taking them to 7 eleven for a free slurpee. Well, here is a link to a few more freebies. And talk about drugs as you eat your pizza, fries, etc… maybe talk about healthy eating too! LOL Sadly, 7 eleven is NOT on the list.


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Sometimes you have to remember.

So things have been a little crazy and this blog has been at the bottom of the list. I mean let’s be honest I have no idea if anyone else reads this or if what I say here matters. But it’s really for me as much as I hope it will encourage someone else. I’m going to be a little more regular with this as the weeks speed by so hopefully I’ll hear from you if you give this a read.

This little man and I got to volunteer at the boys’ elementary school this morning. Then after the school day – minimum day – I get to have a bunch of 3rd graders guys come over here and play.

Sometimes I can get caught up in my mind about the things that I don’t have that I want or even things that I need. And then I catch a moment.

 A moment where I remember why I ended my career. I remember how blessed I am, beyond measure. I remember that every day is a gift. I take a deep breathe and say thank you. I remember the choices I made in giving up my tenure and identity as a teacher for this. Thank you God for directing my path to this moment!

Now, I just need to push every uncontent thought back in its place everyday. Back where it belongs in perspective of how my life is now!
Thanks for listening to my mama rant. #mamaslivingthedream

Can you relate??? Nah right 😉

I love my kids that’s no joke but it’s rough sometimes! Hence #mamaslivingthedream was formed. Read these one liners… What are yours???  My life is a revolving door…wake up, feed, drop off, clean up, wash, feed, clean up, fold, pick up, feed, cook, feed, clean… But it’s in between all the monotony that I have pockets of joy, love, and moments to cherish!

love, swift mamas gray

Midnight confessions

I confess- it’s increasingly hard to monitor/regulate/mandate 4 kids to bathe regularly now that our sport is finished. Luckily next month starts another so I will then know when my kids are legitimately clean and when they are just visibly acceptable. At least in the summer there is a pool or a beach to let me know my kids need a good lather. There are four of them…img_5056-1Please tell me… am I alone here or does this ring true to you too!??

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