We are now a tribe of 6

My last pic with 5 kids for now
Well, our family just got smaller but our hearts are biggerbecause of this. Our little Baby Doll went back to her bio dad. We are ok. It was very happy sad. It went well since I didn’t cry and the look on her dad’s face was priceless. He was so excited. I’m so happy that she’s with her dad. Of course we feel sad and when I talk about it makes me want to cry but I’m happy because it’s the right choice for her. Thy Will be done was the last song playing on the radio as we met to drop her off and I felt like it was the perfect song for the moment!It will take some time to get used to not hearing a crying baby, not checking on her, not making her bottles, not over packing for every outing, etc…
Thanks for all the support and prayers for her family and us. We will be getting another placement after our camping trip and then the adventure will start again. Love you all!

Hello, Goodbye

There are many feelings as we wake up this morning. Today is Miss Baby Doll’s Court date for placement. We’ve only had her for a little over 3 weeks but its half her life and it feel like so much longer. We love her so much and the whole family has really stepped up to care for her. We are patiently waiting to hear the results of court, that we are hoping results in reunification for the little princess. There is no reason why she shouldn’t be with her birth dad and that’s what we are praying for. Although, her going back to her dad means her leaving our family. Last night the little boys cried themselves to sleep and I painted this for her to take home. This foster journey hasn’t started off the way we thought with an overwhelming amount of parent visits and knowing that she was probably going home but we are honored and blessed to have had her in our home. The best thing for her is not to stay with us and get totally bonded with us. The best thing is to move her now so she is not confused or brokenhearted as an older baby. But now, it’s in the court’s hands and not mine. Let’s be honest, it’s in the Lord’s hands and he loves her more than anybody on this earth. I know that he has great plans for her and she has a bright future. My prayer is that all the love that we have poured into her with sleepless nights, bottles, feedings, chats, prayers, songs, and snuggles will penetrate deep into her heart to give her an added foundation of love to stand on. I pray that she will know the love of God all her life and be a mighty tree for him.

People always say how can you do it? You pour out your heart knowing it might be hurt but we’d rather love and lose then never love at all. And knowing how well cared for she was over these weeks is a blessing.



Next week

This is how I roll at soccer camp

Well, we are getting used to being a tribe of 7 but it may come to an end next week. We are treasuring every moment with Miss Baby Doll. We are praying that next week she gets reunited with her birth dad. She is smiling now and showing off her personality. She’s gaining weight and looks so different already. The boys are such awesome big brothers. They are doting on her and reporting to me of all the needs that she could possibly have. It’s been really fun to see the positive impact that she’s been in our life such a short amount of time. I’m not gonna lie, it’s been rough at times, misinformation, stressful at with coordinating visits with both parents, various social workers, home visit, and other appointments all while having four other kids to care for. Through all of the ups and downs we have one constant, we felt called to do this so we will journey on. We had doubts and we’ve had to encourage each other to look forward. Thank you for all your prayers and keep them up. We want to see Miss Baby Doll right where she needs to be so keep her in prayer next week. And keep us in prayer also because we love her so much and although we’re happy that she’s being reunited with her dad most likely we will miss her deeply (especially me and the little boys).

Miss Baby Doll

A tribe of 7 for now
 So she’s here… There is a precious baby in our house and we are so happy. At the same time we are broken hearted because there is a set of broken hearted parents
We get to see her smile and have her sleep on our chest, they are probably a puddle of sadness. We have no idea if this will be long or short term but we are so blessed to have Baby Doll in our house. Tonight I cry for what she’s been through, I cry for her mom & dad, and I cry because I’m happy, she’s safe, and being loved. 

Thank you for the prayers and keep them coming. Especially for our nights lol I wish I could show you a hundred pics of her because she is darn cute. Pray for our boys, especially the little ones. Crazy to be doing the baby thing again but we are so blessed to get to love her. 

So today…

So today is a very exciting day. We are going to be taking our first placement. A newborn old baby girl! We are very excited and will share more details with you later. We feel very honored to be able to care for and love somebody’s precious little one, for however long that maybe.

already sharing clothes
Girl clothes are so cute!

Did you get yours?


Well, every summer this is the day that children all over get excited about… No it’s not Christmas in July but it might as well be! It’s 7-Eleven! Free Slurpees! Yay! Get yours! They have some interesting new flavors like Sour Patch and Birthday Cake. It’s their 50th birthday so there are other deals going on all week.


Well… It’s official

We just found out at noon today that we are officially a certified foster family. Well it’s been a journey to get to this point but now the journey really begins. We will go on the vacant list starting on Monday so that our family can recover from Hubby being gone for the past two weeks so pray for us! Our family just really wants to be a blessing to our future foster daughter and to her bio family. My mom pointed out that it’s kind of special that we got certified today because today is also my grandmas birthday. She would’ve been 92 today. She was one of the biggest fans in my life and was very excited for us to begin this journey. She dedicated her life to blessing God’s kids. I know that I have another intercessor in heaven now. 

We feel nervous and really excited. I am currently eating Chick-fil-A in my van outside of target by myself reflecting on everything. This could be one of the last times that I am alone before I have a fifth child to care for…
Thanks for being awesome and taking time to read this post and just being a part of my life. #Ilovemyvillage

Not pictured… My chocolate shake that I bought just for myself and my already eaten spicy chicken sandwich that I got for FREE by downloading the Chick-fil-A app. 

A New Adventure- Fostering

So next month my family and I will be going in on a new adventure… We will become a foster family! We are going to Foster to adopt a little girl under 24 months. We don’t really know what to expect-and yes we know we’re crazy. We are very excited to bless God’s heart as we serve and love a child in need. This is been on our hearts for a long time and is just now finally happening even though we have a busy life and FOUR vivacious sons. It’s a road that if we didn’t walk down it, we would regret for the rest of our lives. Prayers are appreciated!

If you are local and you have any little girl stuff that you’re not planning on using again and is in good shape to care for someone else’s baby until she becomes our own we would much appreciate it 😀 right now without knowing the age of the child I need a couple girl crib sheets and a couple girly muslin or cozy blankets (I have gender neutral ones). Clothes, shoes, and diapers will be a mystery until we get that call ❤️

We will keep you all updated from this blog.


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