DIY Boy Halloween Costumes

The moment you’ve been waiting for… our costumes! Just kidding, I know that 4 day’s after the big event the last thing you moms want to look at is my kids’ costumes but hey, I just got the pics on the trusty computer so I thought I’d share! Boy number 1: Clash of Clans fireContinue reading “DIY Boy Halloween Costumes”

Red Ribbon Freebies 2014

Red Ribbon Week is here so let’s cash in our little red ribbon wearers with a couple treats! Free small fries at 15 Orange County McD’s restaurants with no purchase necessary. Some 7 eleven’s do free slurpees but call ahead if you don’t want to be disappointed. Edinger and Goldenwest in Huntington Beach does! DISCLAIMER:Continue reading “Red Ribbon Freebies 2014”

Guest Writer: Sally Adams- I Didn’t Know What I Was Missing

If you had asked me, in June of 2010, what I knew about Down syndrome, I probably would have said something like, “Oh, you mean like that guy from the TV show ‘Life Goes On’?” And that most likely would have been the extent of my knowledge – if you could even call that knowledge.Continue reading “Guest Writer: Sally Adams- I Didn’t Know What I Was Missing”

Ever Feel Like You Could Some Space?

I do. At least a few times a day. What’s wrong with leaving a little teenie space between us? Like literally, just so we aren’t sweating on eachother for a little bit. Gotta watch this but maybe not around your kids  because there are a couple bad words 🙂 All About that Bass Then this… aContinue reading “Ever Feel Like You Could Some Space?”

Sometimes Dreams Don’t Work Out

Sometimes the dreams that we dream don’t happen… We can start with little dreams, like having a simple 2 hours of quiet alone time per week. This is a wonderful thing, as some of you know. That might even be a little dream of your’s too! And sometimes that dream is shattered, due to a certain 1 1/2-year-oldContinue reading “Sometimes Dreams Don’t Work Out”

Swift Mama: My Hour of Desperation. I mean Inspiration

There was a text message that I sent to mama friends one morning and it spurred an idea. What if we all shared crazy moments in our days? Would it make us all feel a little more normal? grateful? Would it add some much-needed laughter or even pent-up tears after laughing? Anyway, it seemed like a goodContinue reading “Swift Mama: My Hour of Desperation. I mean Inspiration”

Check one, two. Is this thing on?

Hey, here I am starting a mom blog. I know, I know what you’re thinking. Why do we need another mom blog? It’s like number 5,567,602 in the mom blog world, right!? Well, this blog is essential because this is your blog, is my blog, it’s your neighbor down the street’s, and someone who you’ve neverContinue reading “Check one, two. Is this thing on?”