Don’t forget you love to swim…

So, sometimes the week goes so great. I feel like I’m on it… Laundry? Bam. Washed, dried, folded, and put away. Meals? On it. Planned, budgeted, shopped, and even crockpotted. Dishes? Sparkling. Washed or loaded, clean and clear. Do you have a live in housekeeper (actually yes- looking at her)? Showered? Ptsssssst! Looking good- I gotContinue reading “Don’t forget you love to swim…”

Guest Writer: Kerry Hernandez- My Hour as a Tiger Mom

My Hour as a Tiger Mom 4:45PM – I arrived at Mini-Me’s preschool for afternoon pick up. As I cruised by the after care room, to her regular classroom to read the “what we did today” notes, I peeked in the door to see my little princess quietly coloring. I smiled like the proud mamaContinue reading “Guest Writer: Kerry Hernandez- My Hour as a Tiger Mom”

Ever Feel Like You Could Some Space?

I do. At least a few times a day. What’s wrong with leaving a little teenie space between us? Like literally, just so we aren’t sweating on eachother for a little bit. Gotta watch this but maybe not around your kids  because there are a couple bad words 🙂 All About that Bass Then this… aContinue reading “Ever Feel Like You Could Some Space?”

Swift Mama: My Hour of Desperation. I mean Inspiration

There was a text message that I sent to mama friends one morning and it spurred an idea. What if we all shared crazy moments in our days? Would it make us all feel a little more normal? grateful? Would it add some much-needed laughter or even pent-up tears after laughing? Anyway, it seemed like a goodContinue reading “Swift Mama: My Hour of Desperation. I mean Inspiration”