Who can resist free??

You know I can’t. It’s National Pretzel Day so here are a few places passing out freebies! i’m not sure who invented this day and why but we all can benefit from a free pretzel, am I right? My littles & I are going to go hit up our local Wetzel pretzel. http://www.cnbc.com/2016/04/25/heres-where-to-get-free-pretzels-on-national-pretzel-day.html

Bogo at Chipotle tomorrow

  In an effort to support soccer’s next generation, we’re inviting all youth soccer players to wear their team uniform to any Chipotle on Saturday, April 16th for a BUY-ONE/GET-ONE BURRITOS, BOWLS, SALADS, ORDER OF TACOS, OR KID’S MEAL.  Eligible players must be 14 or younger. Player must be in soccer team uniform to redeem offer.Continue reading “Bogo at Chipotle tomorrow”

Time to Shout

Ok, it’s time to raise our voices and fight for our kids in prayer and declare truth over their lives. I heard Lisa Bevere pray this prayer that she would pray over her 4 sons and decided that I need to add this to my parenting routine. Words have power to bring life or deathContinue reading “Time to Shout”

Can you relate??? Nah right 😉

I love my kids that’s no joke but it’s rough sometimes! Hence #mamaslivingthedream was formed. Read these one liners… What are yours???  My life is a revolving door…wake up, feed, drop off, clean up, wash, feed, clean up, fold, pick up, feed, cook, feed, clean… But it’s in between all the monotony that I haveContinue reading “Can you relate??? Nah right 😉”