God Does Speak

It’s been 1 year of me being a dog owner! The way that happened is not ordinary. God still speaks and it doesn’t sound like a grouchy boss. He is speaking for our good and sees the long term plan. I know some of you all think I’m crazy because you don’t believe that GodContinue reading “God Does Speak”

Life is a gift

One of my favorite pictures EVER. The moment after my 4th son was born. Life is such a gift. I gave birth to my 4th healthy son just 6 months after my sister lost her son. In the same hospital and with the same doctor. As I drove to the hospital with my husband atContinue reading “Life is a gift”

FREE TO LOVE | September 2018

📸 cred: https://harleyjayphotography.com I wrote this for an Instagram post for a ministry called Freedom Movement September 2018. It was interesting having only a certain number of letters allowed to fit in the post. I could’ve written many more words but this is how it turned out. FREE TO LOVE | My husband and IContinue reading “FREE TO LOVE | September 2018”