Christmas Spirit

Pretty fun craft night at the boys school tonight. To be honest my little kids were so disobedient this afternoon that I wasn’t sure that they should even go. When we were on our way to drop off the big boys for youth night, I was kind of talking out loud wondering what I was missing in my parenting… I asked the question out loud, “What am I missing?

Silence filled the van and then my seven-year-old said… “Christmas spirit.” ❄️ The older boys and I started busting up and it instantly changed the entire atmosphere in the van. Yes, buddy I was missing spirit right then, the Holy Spirit and the unconditional love that brought Jesus down here to be among us.

I’m really glad that we went and I got to spend quality time with my little guys- with my five-year-old on my lap creating together. Thank you to the 10-year-old took the family picture and all the Pta moms who put this non-glitter and frosting night on. It was super simple and fun.

#shrinkydinks #christmasspirit = #holyspirit #jesus

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Spirit

  1. Hey girl!!

    Love it! Christmas Spirit = Holy Spirit. Hello!! That’s been my problem over the years! (Lots of !!! here) Getting caught up in/with the wrong spirit at Christmas; the guy that tells you that you aren’t giving enough or doing enough, all the while reinforcing it through comparisons (think Hallmark, Facebook posts, Instagram, Pinterest). He gets your head spinning so you forget to keep your focus on the true Spirit of Christmas. But even more, like you realized, the true Spirit of Christmas isn’t just a feeling of love and all it’s fruit (joy, Peace…), but that Love is an actual person/being, the Ultimate Being.
    The goal of the false Christmas spirit is to get our eyes on his version of Christmas and to get us to worship him. I’m not saying “No to Santa,” but to the whirlwind of the spirit that wants to drive us into worry, stress and the rush to take control; getting my focus off of living in response to Love and not to gain love by performing.
    So good Kahanah! Thanks for being a reminder and sharing your story. Learning to live in response to Love is a way better way to do Christmas .

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