Christmas Spirit

Pretty fun craft night at the boys school tonight. To be honest my little kids were so disobedient this afternoon that I wasn’t sure that they should even go. When we were on our way to drop off the big boys for youth night, I was kind of talking out loud wondering what I was missing in my parenting… I asked the question out loud, “What am I missing?

Silence filled the van and then my seven-year-old said… “Christmas spirit.” ❄️ The older boys and I started busting up and it instantly changed the entire atmosphere in the van. Yes, buddy I was missing spirit right then, the Holy Spirit and the unconditional love that brought Jesus down here to be among us.

I’m really glad that we went and I got to spend quality time with my little guys- with my five-year-old on my lap creating together. Thank you to the 10-year-old took the family picture and all the Pta moms who put this non-glitter and frosting night on. It was super simple and fun.

#shrinkydinks #christmasspirit = #holyspirit #jesus