Day 1… 10/6/16

 Well, day one is done. Everyone is sleeping and we are about to now. After not sleeping last night we are REALLY praying that she sleeps all night. It’s been an exciting day full of ups and dips. We are all learning her personality, favorites, strength, struggles and it’s going to take awhile. She is having SO much fun with the boys.  It’s going to especially take some time building my bond with her since her mother has her issues. She’s been through so much in her life. Thank you for all the texts, comments, clothes etc. You guys don’t even know how it helps us (me) stay strong. It’s a way different ball of wax than a baby with pluses and minuses. Pray for peace and what’s best for this baby to happen quick. 

Published by Swift Mama

Loving Jesus. Wife to Captain Awesome. So Cal mama of 4 sons. Foster mama. Pastor. Empowering others. Learning and growing with one mess or masterpiece at a time.

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