Hello, Goodbye

There are many feelings as we wake up this morning. Today is Miss Baby Doll’s Court date for placement. We’ve only had her for a little over 3 weeks but its half her life and it feel like so much longer. We love her so much and the whole family has really stepped up to care for her. We are patiently waiting to hear the results of court, that we are hoping results in reunification for the little princess. There is no reason why she shouldn’t be with her birth dad and that’s what we are praying for. Although, her going back to her dad means her leaving our family. Last night the little boys cried themselves to sleep and I painted this for her to take home. This foster journey hasn’t started off the way we thought with an overwhelming amount of parent visits and knowing that she was probably going home but we are honored and blessed to have had her in our home. The best thing for her is not to stay with us and get totally bonded with us. The best thing is to move her now so she is not confused or brokenhearted as an older baby. But now, it’s in the court’s hands and not mine. Let’s be honest, it’s in the Lord’s hands and he loves her more than anybody on this earth. I know that he has great plans for her and she has a bright future. My prayer is that all the love that we have poured into her with sleepless nights, bottles, feedings, chats, prayers, songs, and snuggles will penetrate deep into her heart to give her an added foundation of love to stand on. I pray that she will know the love of God all her life and be a mighty tree for him.

People always say how can you do it? You pour out your heart knowing it might be hurt but we’d rather love and lose then never love at all. And knowing how well cared for she was over these weeks is a blessing.



Published by Swift Mama

Loving Jesus. Wife to Captain Awesome. So Cal mama of 4 sons. Foster mama. Pastor. Empowering others. Learning and growing with one mess or masterpiece at a time.

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