Miss Baby Doll

A tribe of 7 for now

 So she’s here… There is a precious baby in our house and we are so happy. At the same time we are broken hearted because there is a set of broken hearted parents
We get to see her smile and have her sleep on our chest, they are probably a puddle of sadness. We have no idea if this will be long or short term but we are so blessed to have Baby Doll in our house. Tonight I cry for what she’s been through, I cry for her mom & dad, and I cry because I’m happy, she’s safe, and being loved. 

Thank you for the prayers and keep them coming. Especially for our nights lol I wish I could show you a hundred pics of her because she is darn cute. Pray for our boys, especially the little ones. Crazy to be doing the baby thing again but we are so blessed to get to love her. 

So today…

So today is a very exciting day. We are going to be taking our first placement. A newborn old baby girl! We are very excited and will share more details with you later. We feel very honored to be able to care for and love somebody’s precious little one, for however long that maybe.

already sharing clothes

Girl clothes are so cute!

Did you get yours?


Well, every summer this is the day that children all over get excited about… No it’s not Christmas in July but it might as well be! It’s 7-Eleven! Free Slurpees! Yay! Get yours! They have some interesting new flavors like Sour Patch and Birthday Cake. It’s their 50th birthday so there are other deals going on all week.