Well… It’s official

We just found out at noon today that we are officially a certified foster family. Well it’s been a journey to get to this point but now the journey really begins. We will go on the vacant list starting on Monday so that our family can recover from Hubby being gone for the past two weeks so pray for us! Our family just really wants to be a blessing to our future foster daughter and to her bio family. My mom pointed out that it’s kind of special that we got certified today because today is also my grandmas birthday. She would’ve been 92 today. She was one of the biggest fans in my life and was very excited for us to begin this journey. She dedicated her life to blessing God’s kids. I know that I have another intercessor in heaven now. 

We feel nervous and really excited. I am currently eating Chick-fil-A in my van outside of target by myself reflecting on everything. This could be one of the last times that I am alone before I have a fifth child to care for…
Thanks for being awesome and taking time to read this post and just being a part of my life. #Ilovemyvillage

Not pictured… My chocolate shake that I bought just for myself and my already eaten spicy chicken sandwich that I got for FREE by downloading the Chick-fil-A app. 

Published by Swift Mama

Loving Jesus. Wife to Captain Awesome. So Cal mama of 4 sons. Foster mama. Pastor. Empowering others. Learning and growing with one mess or masterpiece at a time.

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