A New Adventure- Fostering

So next month my family and I will be going in on a new adventure… We will become a foster family! We are going to Foster to adopt a little girl under 24 months. We don’t really know what to expect-and yes we know we’re crazy. We are very excited to bless God’s heart as we serve and love a child in need. This is been on our hearts for a long time and is just now finally happening even though we have a busy life and FOUR vivacious sons. It’s a road that if we didn’t walk down it, we would regret for the rest of our lives. Prayers are appreciated!

If you are local and you have any little girl stuff that you’re not planning on using again and is in good shape to care for someone else’s baby until she becomes our own we would much appreciate it 😀 right now without knowing the age of the child I need a couple girl crib sheets and a couple girly muslin or cozy blankets (I have gender neutral ones). Clothes, shoes, and diapers will be a mystery until we get that call ❤️

We will keep you all updated from this blog.