DIY Boy Halloween Costumes

The moment you’ve been waiting for… our costumes! Just kidding, I know that 4 day’s after the big event the last thing you moms want to look at is my kids’ costumes but hey, I just got the pics on the trusty computer so I thought I’d share!

Boy number 1: Clash of Clans fire throwing Wizardwizard Collage

Purple Robe (that will double as his actual bathrobe upgraded from like a size 6 one he’s had since he was 5).  Belt, Fire ball, arm cuffs, and front panel felt from Joann’s Fabric, a sewing machine and a glue gun.  We also put a few glow sticks inside the fireball which was kinda amazing!!!

Boy number 2: Clash of Clans Barbarianbarbarian Collage

I sewed a “kilt” from some fabric I had. Got some yellow felt  to make the goatee and hair (I would have made these a little different in retrospect…) and attached them with double-sided tape. We grabbed a sword we already had and the rug “fur vest” we had from a How to Train Your Dragon party. We topped it off with socks packed with stuffing for some muscles in his shirt! He didn’t want the headband so… we left it off.

Boy number 3: Clark Kent aka Supermanclark kent Collage

This was the cheapest and easiest of them all! A white-collar shirt, skinny jeans, a superman Hanes sleep shirt, some play glasses and his cape. I gave my guy a little curl in his forehead and he was stoked!

Boy number 4: Bamm Bammbamm Collage

Felt was the lifesaver of the year. An old orange t-shirt made the skirt, felt spots, felt strap, stuffed felt bone, and a felt club. Just add a baby just woken up from his overdue nap and you get a crying Bamm Bamm!

And this is the best pic of my kids from the whole night…

 Then we met my baby daddy to cash in on the in kids in costume to get $3 burritos at Chipoltle and free Jamba Juice before hitting the streets! At least they had something healthy before all that suuuugar!

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