Sometimes Dreams Don’t Work Out

Photo text to sis and hubs of said toddler, aka Tornado #4, and me during shattered dream of quiet alone time…

Sometimes the dreams that we dream don’t happen… We can start with little dreams, like having a simple 2 hours of quiet alone time per week. This is a wonderful thing, as some of you know. That might even be a little dream of your’s too! And sometimes that dream is shattered, due to a certain 1 1/2-year-old not sleeping. Or big ones like the dreams you had or have for your marriage, your living situation, or your kids. You know that list, the one that goes on and on. So, I guess what we do with these unmet expectations is what makes all the difference.

I have a couple dear friends going through REALLY (and I mean that Caps Lock really with all of my being) hard, crappy, nightmarish times with kids in tow. As I had a heart to start this blog I thought about them, but I didn’t have clarity for what I was thinking in birthing this blog. After thinking (and praying) and talking to one particular Mama Living the Nightmare, it just became more clear.

So where do you go after a crushed or postponed dream? No really, if you have the answer please comment and let us know… Lol. No really, do tell…but I have a couple of thoughts on the matter.

Behind Mamas Living the Dream

Now on the real, the whole thinking and heart behind this blog is to develop a community bound by a mutual chaos and love for our kids. The chaos is going to look different in every family, but with overlapping and relatable craziness due to the nature of the mothering gig. Maybe where you are in your life is not where you thought you’d be but the reality is you are where you are and there’s hope everyday. Possess your possessions. Own your life and live now. Let’s not wait till this or that but let’s do life now! Easier said than done but I know through my struggles, rollercoasters, and even despairs, living in our own life is  just putting one foot in front of another. Baby steps.

IMG_7062 The thing is, you aren’t the only one out there in a crappy spot and in a nightmare, or simply not where you (or I) thought we would be. The blog title is supposed to be a bit sarcastic but the point of it all is to find the joy. The joy in the crazy and the joy in the storm. That may be easier for some than others.

Baby J selfie

Basically the dreams have to adjust for what your reality is. Maybe your dream is to raise your kids in a healthy, safe, peace and joy filled house? And some days if that happens, you’re  living the dream right there. It’s the little things on the journey that help us lift our heads from the drudgery moments. Life’s not always what we thought but there’s always love somewhere. My little shattered dream turned into a little one on one time with a hilarious, snotty nosed crab apple cling-on. And you know what? Before I know it he’ll be out the door school and I’ll have more alone time than I can imagine (sniff, sniff, joy joy) and I’ll remember. What are your dreams?


‘Faith and hope are the womb that a legacy is born of.’ -Bill Johnson

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3 thoughts on “Sometimes Dreams Don’t Work Out

  1. Great post! I love the line “your dreams have to adjust to where your reality is”. It’s so true. We will never be happy if we can’t learn to find the “dream” right where we are at.


  2. Having lived a nightmare most of my childhood and as a mother, I can say, don’t focus on the bad. Dreams? Dreams are just expectations that we have no business having anyway. Life is not our plan. God has his plan for our life. Everything here on this earth is temporary. With each nightmare there is a lesson learned, a new strand of strength grown and wisdom born of faith. To focus on what isn’t defeats what is. Perspective makes a huge difference on how one pulls through. Focusing on God even in the most scariest, loneliest moments is key to moving past the current situation and into where HE leads next. Most importantly, one has to deal with what causes the decisions that bring us to our moments of despair. Sure crappy things happen, but more often than not, on a subconscious level, an unhealthy being walks right toward the chaos. To not see it is a choice. To hit it straight on is the most difficult, rewarding action anyone in a bad situation should take. God will put HIS dreams on our heart and make them something we long for. But first we must surrender, heal and believe.

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