Life is a gift

One of my favorite pictures EVER. The moment after my 4th son was born. Life is such a gift. I gave birth to my 4th healthy son just 6 months after my sister lost her son. In the same hospital … Continue reading

Christmas Spirit

Pretty fun craft night at the boys school tonight. To be honest my little kids were so disobedient this afternoon that I wasn’t sure that they should even go. When we were on our way to drop off the big boys for youth night, I was kind of talking out loud wondering what I was missing in my parenting… I asked the question out loud, “What am I missing?

Silence filled the van and then my seven-year-old said… “Christmas spirit.” ❄️ The older boys and I started busting up and it instantly changed the entire atmosphere in the van. Yes, buddy I was missing spirit right then, the Holy Spirit and the unconditional love that brought Jesus down here to be among us.

I’m really glad that we went and I got to spend quality time with my little guys- with my five-year-old on my lap creating together. Thank you to the 10-year-old took the family picture and all the Pta moms who put this non-glitter and frosting night on. It was super simple and fun.

#shrinkydinks #christmasspirit = #holyspirit #jesus

FREE TO LOVE | September 2018

📸 cred: I wrote this for an Instagram post for a ministry called Freedom Movement September 2018. It was interesting having only a certain number of letters allowed to fit in the post. I could’ve written many more words … Continue reading



Sometimes being a mom to 4 sons is a challenge. They are constantly loud, wrestling, smelly, pushing, and competing. Being a woman who grew up with only sisters probably makes it even more interesting. It’s not just the volume level or the anti mess vision they have but that we sometimes just don’t get each other. I’ve been recently beginning to understand (in a deeper way) the gift that we can be to each other. I get to watch this whole boy life unfold and walk with them through it. Then since there are all boys, I get to be the female that intentionally teaches them how to relate to women. Not to say I don’t have save me moments…

Letter board

One of my boys did this for my birthday. ❤️

But seeing them all grow up into strong, loving, smart, God loving young men like their dad helps me push through the tough days. They constantly amaze me with random acts of understanding, love, and insight. It amazes me because in the same hour they can make each other cry and cause a ruckus. It’s all normal but to be real, it’s hard! All of this is part of my story and theirs and I’m a different person because I’m their mom.

Thank you Susan for capturing this moment!


My boy is shooting the camera with a “gun” and if you like my Life Adventurously, Raise Boys shirt buy it from Brave Mama, Co W A V E Y 🌊

Been rocking my God given waves these days. I grew up with a mom with gorgeous, long straight hair and a younger sister with bone straight hair. I never liked my waves (except when I got one perm🤣) and frizz. I’d try to blow dry it but that didn’t really match my athletic, low maintenance life style. When I met the hair straightener I fell in love.

When I got to college one of my (still) bff’s told me that she liked my hair in its natural state. Thank you, you know who you are. That began a new journey of me looking at myself in a different way. Just one 19 year old to another.

I was actually super surprised. Nobody ever said that before without me fishing for a complement from my mom or something trying to feel ok. Isn’t it amazing what power words have?! Here I am years later and I’m still a work in progress. I like the way that my hair looks really in person but don’t care for it in pictures. Interesting. I’m trying to psychoanalyze myself but it’s not working. I give myself a break now- I’m ok with variety.

All this randomness is in a blog form to say: Hey awesome, your words have power!

Use your words for good.

Use them often to encourage and build up the people around you.

Be honest and complement often.

Those kind words that play in your head… say them.

You’ll be surprised at how good it feels and you know it feels amazing to be around someone is is building others up. We have an amazing ability to love as humans- own that and make your world better.

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.”

‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭18:21‬ ‭ESV‬‬

And the there were 6…

Party of 8 for 2 weeks. Wow, it’s been a crazy ride. Feels like a lot longer than it actually was. Not sure if 6 kids is a good long term plan for us but if there ever was two kids that could convince us otherwise it was these two sweeties we passed off today. The transition went well to their relatives and they are totally going to the right place. They came sick and sad and left healthy and happy. They have sweet new clothes, diapers, formula, and bottles. We feel sad to see them go but it’s the right thing.

Bye happy girls. It was an honor to serve you.

Question Marks

I thought we’d update ya’ll about where we are at. Our two super smiley gals may be leaving us tomorrow, this week, or not… court is tomorrow and then we’ll know more. This is much quicker than we thought but although it’s been super crazy having 6 kids, it’s been a blessing. The girls are so sweet and have really adjusted well.

That has made this journey much easier. We love them and feel blessed to care for them during this transition for them. Thanks for the outpouring of support, love, food, clothes prayers, etc. It has been so huge in being able to do this. P.S. 6 is a lot of kids.

Marry A Rockstar

If you decide to get married, be choosy and marry a rockstar like I did. You may find yourself in a situation where you are helpless and if that person is amazing it will be easier.

Someday you may get the flu a day after you decide to welcome two sweet babies into your house, making 6 under 13. You might be laid out with 102 fever and be quarantined for days while he handles it all with the heart of Christ, the strength of The Hulk, and the ease of a rockstar. He will do breakfast, lunch and dinner. He will do nap times, bedtimes, and sleep on the couch. He will sing and dance. Read bible stories, wipe noses, antibiotics, and fly them to bed. Brush teeth and change diapers. Tuck ins, rocking, and then serving you like a trained nurse! The patience of a saint and the perseverance of a champion. I’m not kidding ya’ll! The boys & girls are doing well and he is the reason why. Thank you hubs. You are the best.

Thank you, thank you for the clothes & Baby stuff donations, lunch, diapers, coffee, get well groceries, dinner feasts, help with bath time, soup deliveries, babysitting, and dishwasher running dear friends/family. This has supported him and us more than you know.